Thursday, March 15, 2018

July 2017

July 2017 began with a bit of a sort and clean in the office,
which lead to some finishing off some Hope Quilts. And as fate had it there was a reason a dear family friend was in need of some extra love and warmth from one of our Hope Quilts.

 Sadly Tony passed away, but it gives me great joy knowing that his last few months he was warmed with a gift of love.

 There were new designs created in June and they were posted out in July, happy customers makes me smile. 

 Some Down the Rabbit Hole colour/fabric choices were made and progress on the house construction began.
On the 7th July we discussed life and looked at options.... which meant road trips to Singleton, Morpeth, Nelsons Bay Newcastle all in one day.

I seemed to find my baking/cooking groove in July too, something about cooler weather. Homemade Kiev's filled the freezer, as did Empanadas and of course a breakfast staple Banana Bread - this Gluten free living is easy if you are prepared.

 The week from the 14th & the 17th we celebrated 2 birthdays My potential future son in law turned 24 and I turned 49. 
But it also was the beginning of big changes for us all. Little did we know on the 15th July 2017 , that our adventure road trip would turn our worlds upside down and right side up in just one day..... we drove to look at property 100 acres of land in a postcode note I did not say town as Brombin is just that a postcode. That could potential home us all. That little drive did change our lives.

 As we drove into the sunset heading home to Seaforth on the 15th July, we had made a decision that set the ball rolling... and in only a 72 hours of very long hard working days our home in Seaforth went from this

to this and was on the market with Belle Real-estate in Seaforth.

 On the 22nd July we sat up at north head whilst our first open house was happening with a world of emotion spinning around in my head!!! But I just knew this was going to happen and that we were moving from our home of 26 years into our new Forever Home if we could just sell. We had this visit twice a week for the rest of July with the cats sitting in boxes in the back.

 29th July saw me walking the harbour Bridge perhaps we were actually saying our goodbyes to our local spots, who knows but I was proud that from only 12 months prior to have never having braved it. We walked both ways enjoying a perfect winters day.

Those last few weeks of July, I kept that house clean, as I started selling of things I knew that wouldn't make the move.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

June 2017

June saw me take a road trip - SOLO - I headed out to the ChookyBlue's Chookshed Birthday. The last few years I've joined in on the cyber event, but this year I was determined to attend in person. It was such a wonderful couple of days, spending time with Chooky, Diddles, Lea, Kate, Allison and Jules. 

As always on weekends away, we always take too much to do, but this weekend, I decided my Down the Rabbit Hole was it, oh and I never really go far without a hook and some yarn. So I spent most of my time hand stitching and enjoying the company.

Lea celebrated her birthday, along with the chookshed, so of course there was cake.... and candles. Everyone worked on projects even ourselves... this chooky is definitely working on me with early morning walks.... we all embraced the fresh, crisp, country air.  Catching Sunrises and sunsets.
Lots of laughter and shenanigans were had. Which is always good for the soul. And this special order was delivered and much loved.

They did call me ma kettle with this lovely chair on the roof, which had me headed out to Nyngan. This girl was super solo and loving the big road trip.

Time in Nyngan is always special and never long enough. Love spending time with Amie and the girls and my special little God Daughter Evie is always grown up way more than I anticipate. This visit was about acrobatics... she's such a performer.
My Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt Grew a little more, I purchased one of Camille Roskelley's books and fitted in a little play. And dragged out Life is beautiful and did a little...

Bianca finally sent me some images of her quilt form her Birthday in April... so here are some better photos.

 There of course were coffee dates - solo and shared and lots of water walks and doses of sea air.

A New Design for Forever always a Shrug Shawl... love mine!! Who doesn't love pockets???
A visit to the Stitches and Craft Fair saw me enjoying quilts, stitching in the sun and sharing drinks with friends. thanks Deb

Then some Birthday love for my Mum, saw my braided selfie on a road trip to a lovely lunch followed by cake at home.... with some hand stitched love gifting as well, rounded out June 2017....

 it's only Mid March 2018 and I am on a new PC so it's catch up time.... watch out for more.